name :   Lynn Sherman
comments :   I am so glad that I found your website! God Bless you!!!
name :   DAYNA and HELEN
comments :   Thank you for your patriotism in the face of such odds! We met a few years ago in Campo with SDMM. You were superb in your comments of truth at the Tea Party Rally in Oceanside. Wanted to renew our acquaintance but you were mobbed by fans and difficult to
name :   Norma
comments :   Enjoyed your contribution today at the Berks County Patriots Meeting. Looking forward to your next visit in May. I must take another look at what I can do to keep our country in our hands.
comments :   Keep up the good work in helping to make a better America!
name :   Ole Glory
comments :   
name :   Jeffrey Schnepf
name :   SGT Bill
comments :   Ive served with Marines of every color, and pretty much abandoned my pre-conceived notions after serving with some serious heroes who were my brothers, race be damned... I hope that the immigration battle becomes a catalyst for growth and resolution betw
name :   Kyle Williams
comments :   Great site. Learning a lot.
name :   Roy Carlisle
comments :   I enjoyed your speech tonight at the pop modal meet and greet. I am a child of the 60s and have learned that race does not matter but the person counts. I have been emailing, argueing immigration issues since bush jr. I have been treated racially since I
name :   George L.
comments :   what`s up with Al Sharpton and Danny Glover coming to Arizona to defend the Illegal Aliens they don`t give a crap about Black Americans.
name :   Joana
comments :   Ted- thank you for giving white people that love ALL people some direction. I hope some day that we really do live in a world like MLK described.... where people are judged for the content of their character and not the color of their skin. That being sai
name :   Torraine
comments :   Hi, Ted ---- Remember me? I worked with a UN group (cant remember its name) to support you in getting your dome village set up and running according to your dreams. You even took us to one of the homeless encampments after which we had a picnic or brought
name :   Sister Sahshah Sand Dollars
comments :   Greetings Ted, Thank you for the sand dollar and the honor of meeting you. I intend to go through your website even more, sign, updates and all thats available. Sunshine as well. I will contact you very soon email cell 3107042152. Wi
name :   KB
comments :   I sure hope you can get another Dome Village going somewhere. You do more to eliminate homelessness than government has or ever will. I made a donation of goods from my Fathers estate several years ago, and hope to see you back in action. I got a big kick
name :   P in UK
comments :   Ted Hayes - Keep flying that flag bro. - hope to catch up soon. B strong and B safe
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