name :   Marco Puebla
comments :   Hello my friend. I have a few motivated Vets that are like us and want to help fight the good fight. Lets get toghether soon. My number, 323-605-5190
name :   Tracy
comments :   Ted, I like your positions. What about abortion? Here are some statistics. Twice as many Blacks have died from abortion than have died from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease COMBINED! About 13 percent of American women are black,
name :   Betty Wong
comments :   Thank you Ted for standing up to the truth, I felt so alone.
name :   donnie manning
comments :   black people need to stick together to me u not a rasist ur a saver of our community and i dont see why black people wont unite with u i no media not reprting everything mexican coming at us with brut but i see black people go get there whole family but b
name :   Maureen Johnson
comments :   Good job Ted.
name :   Ken Dreger
comments :   Great job Ted, keep up the good work, BTW, I was raised in Compton.
name :   philippia
comments :   I was just watching the U.S. House of Representatives on C-span regarding reparations for the people of Guam for World War 2. The bill (HR 44) was passed as I was watching program, for the people of Guam to get payments for the atrocities pertetrated (by
name :   Constance Hingert
comments :   Ted, it was an honor to meet you today at the Alipac Meeting in Garden Grove. I admire you and wish you all the best. 2-21-09
name :   apples
comments :   THANK GOD FOR YOU TED!! Its about time someone is yelling: The emperor has no clothes! How long will it take Americans who voted for this monumental fake, phoney, empty suit to impeach him ? Lets all demonstrate to get Obama out of the white house!!
name :   Fed Up
comments :   I get pissed, When I think about the fact that my children and your children will have to compete for a seat in college and eventually compete for a job here in the United States with children of illegals, I dont consider children of illegals, to be autom
name :   Wendy Pablico
comments :   Hi Ted You might not remember us but we are Venice Beach skaters Jimmy is my husband he has skated at Venice back in the 80s. I just want to tell you we both voted for you and we will continue to vote for your cause. Thank you for being on the 2008
name :   Al
comments :   Greetings Mr. Hayes, Thanks for sharing your special story with the rest of us. God Bless America.
name :   shellie Martin
comments :   Semper Fi
name :   Ted
comments :   To view more of my guestbook please visit:
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